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We love you, and hope you love this stuff!

Nothing means more to us than the community of people who engage with our show. Our goal was to create fun items that would be sourced with quality and sustainability in mind, and would actually be worth owning. We hope you like them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If your product is damaged, misprinted, or otherwise defective we accept returns. If your garment doesn't fit properly, contact us and we will work to get you the right size. Our refund policy is here.

We ship every product everywhere in the world! Shipping times vary. Most product is shipping within 1-2 business days of placing your order. Then the delivery is made based on your location but it can be as quickly as 3 business days and as long as 10 business days for most regions. We use global manufacturing so most regions have a relatively quick delivery option. You'll see shipping charges and projected delivery dates at checkout.

Yes. Hi, this is Elliot. Now I should say something Elliot would say to convince you I'm him... um.... Age curve? Underlying metrics? Arsenal 10, the other team Nil? You get the idea! Yes, this is us. We are them. They are we.

Brandon McKenna is a very talented designer. All the designs are rendered by him. As for the podcast logos, he came up with the idea of using the A and V in "ArsenalVision" to create beautiful logos. There are two primary styles. The Diamond is a reflective A and V. The "Hex" is a hexagon type badge that is actuall a wide A and V if you look closely. We think they're pretty clever and far too classy and sophisticated for us but we're using them anyway.

Absolutely. We used Shopify to build this site which is basically what the entire e-commerce internet runs on and they've got the security thing nailed down. You can use any credit card or paypal or even their own "shop pay" if you would like. You'll get email confirmations, as well as email updates on shipping.

Quality First

Comfy, Sustainable Clothing

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Very Meta

A podcast inside and outside your phone.

Two styles of cases for iPhones and Samsung phones means you can have a podcast in your phone and outside your phone and it's all just very meta.

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Bingo Mug (Worldwide)
Bingo Mug (Worldwide)
Bingo Mug (Worldwide)
Bingo Mug (Worldwide)
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