Episode 228 - Manchester City (h) - Gotta Have Faith

In today's episode, Elliot (@yankeegunner) discusses the Manchester City home defeat with Tim (@stillberto) and Paul (@poznaninmypants). Tim describes the atmosphere at the Emirates as the Emery era dawns. There's analysis of the lineup and formation, the attempts to play out from the back, and how to look at the result in context. Special attention is paid to Guendouzi, Ozil, Xhaka and Cech. Later, Clive (@clivepafc) gives his thoughts on the impact of the substitutes and whether they might be in line for a start at Chelsea. There's additional analysis of the performance and result and then some predictions for the match at Stamford Bridge. Elliot is joined by Oscar (@reunewal) for a 5 minutes teaser of his new article, coming soon to this Arsenal Vision Podcast website. Finally Elliot announces the new "In the Spotlight" series coming to Patreon. All that and more, in this edition of the Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast!

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