Episode 240 - Fulham (a) - Playing What We See

In today’s episode of the Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast, Elliot (@yankeegunner) is joined by Tim (@Stillberto) and Clive (@clivepafc) to discuss Arsenal’s stunning 5-1 win over Fulham. There’s a discussion of the surprise selection and what to make of the formation. Then there’s praise for Lucas Torreira and how he’s starting to show what a special player he can be. The goals are discussed individually with special emphasis on that exceptional third goal from Ramsey. The group debates whether Iwobi and potentially Mkhitaryan have become indispensable players. Finally there’s a discussion of just how far this Arsenal team can go. Paul (@poznaninmypants) couldn’t make it on the main section of the pod but he stops by with a five minute rant to break up the monotony. All that and plenty more in this edition of the Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast.

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