Episode 323 - My Wombat Is Constipated

On this edition of the Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast, Elliot (@yankeegunner) is joined by Tim (@stillberto), Paul (@poznaninmypants) and Clive (@clivepafc) to discuss David Ornstein’s interview with Mesut Ozil. There’s a discussion about the importance of training well, whether the message from Emery changed due to a change in behavior or as a response to the interview, what to expect from Ozil going forward and whether he has a point about ‘big games.’ Elliot reveals that he’ll read whatever is in the Skype chat. Then the conversation moves to the game on Monday and the impact of getting Tierney, Bellerin and possibly Lacazette back and what it means for our tactical approach. There’s a debate about whether Emery has to prove himself between now and Christmas, and finally some predictions about the result on Monday.  All that and more on this edition of the Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast.

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