Episode 383 - Spurs (a) - Arsenal Beat Arsenal

On this edition of the Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast Elliot (@yankeegunner) is joined by Clive (@clivepafc), Tim (@stillberto) and Paul (@poznaninmypants) to a horrific self-inflicted defeat in the North London Derby. There’s a discussion about the technical level in the squad and why we are playing three terrible central defenders all at once. The group tries to examine why Arsenal failed to capitalize on periods of dominance and the causes of the errors that lost the game. There’s questions about players at nearly every position and the substitutions that failed to have the desired effect. Arteta’s tactics are explored and there’s a debate about prioritizing defense over attack. Ultimately there are questions about how to make the most out of a desperately poor squad and what to prioritize in the remaining league matches. All that and more on this edition of the Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast.

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