Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping policy

Here's a little more info about how we ship.

We ship globally. Everywhere. We ship to you. Just order something and you'll find that soon enough, you'll be receiving that thing you ordered. It's quite cool really. You are where you are, and we are where we are, and you're getting that thing from us to you.

Even though we ship everywhere, some products ship faster to some places. So we've labled products to let you know they ship fastest to certain regions. If a product is labled "UK/EU" that means it will have fastest shipping times there. We have tried to create a selection of identical products for different regions to ensure everyone can get the fastest delivery. For people outside the UK/EU and North America, you will likely get the fastest shipping from the 'North America" or "Worldwide" products.

Usually we ship within 1-2 business days of your order being placed. You'll get confirmation emails when you order as well as updates on delivery. Shipping times vary from as quick as 2-3 business days, to as long as 10 business days for most regions. In some cases longer times might be needed to reach your region but you'll see that information at checkout.

Returns and exchanges

What if something isn't right?

If the product is damaged, defective or misprinted in some way, we offer a return for a full refund or exchange. All of our garments have exact size charts in the description so pay careful attention to make sure you get your correct size. Unfortunately our manufacturer doesn't credit us for size-related returns so we cannot except size-related returns or exchanges. However, if you really are unhappy about a size, we can try to find a solution for you!

About the products

This is quality stuff! Here's some additional info about the items.

Brandon McKenna is a very talented designer. He came up with the idea of using the A and V in "ArsenalVision" to create beautiful logos. There are two primary styles. The Diamond is a reflective A and V. The "Hex" is a hexagon type badge that is actuall a wide A and V if you look closely. We think they're pretty clever and far too classy and sophisticated for us but we're using them anyway.

We didn't just want this to be "merch." We wanted something really nice, something we would want to own or wear ourselves and that represents the podcast and this community well. So we use global sourcing and found manufacturers that offer sustainable products and, in many cases, organic materials. We think you'll find that the items are not only good quality, but that the clothes actually look and feel good to wear.

Yes. Hi, this is Elliot. Now I should say something Elliot would say to convince you I'm him... um.... Age curve? Underlying metrics? Arsenal 10, the other team Nil? You get the idea! Yes, this is us. We are them. They are we.

Website security

You can feel safe here.

Absolutely. We used Shopify to build this site which is basically what the entire e-commerce internet runs on and they've got the security thing nailed down. You can use any credit card or paypal or even their own "shop pay" if you would like. Shopify uses all the state of the art excryption stuff like they talk about in that movie "Swordfish" with Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman. You'll get email confirmations, as well as email updates on shipping.